Building Brains will share its values and educational philosophy in areas that have been traditionally underserved and under-represented in the field of early childhood education, reshaping the expectations and emphasizing the importance of early childhood experiences within the community.


Our mission at Building Brains is to provide exemplary early childhood education by offering a model program facilitated around brain research so each experience builds the child’s foundation for future learning.

Philosophy Statement

Building Brains program philosophy is built around the idea that we teach children how to learn, rather than what to learn. Our goal is to give children the opportunity to experience different teaching and learning styles in order to develop their whole-brain self.

This idea is central to our programming as children in Building Brains will move through different environments; including our Left Brain (Montessori), Right Brain (Reggio-Emilia Inspired Philosophy) and Movement (focus on Physical Literacy) classrooms.


In each of these learning environments, children remain at the center of programming and teaching decisions. Our ‘image of the child’ guides our internal decision making, as children at Building Brains are seen as capable, competent and independent human beings.

As children graduate from Building Brains into school aged educational environments, the goal is for the child to have a strong foundation of executive function skills, including working memory, inhibitory control and flexibility. In turn, these skills will serve the child as they apply themselves to a life-time of learning.