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Teaching our students how to learn,
rather than what to learn.

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Building Brains

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The Campus in Saskatoon Opened AUGUST 2019


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Junior Preschool Campus

Ages 0 – 3

Preschool Campus

Ages 3 – 6

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Our System of Learning

Our curriculum focuses on building executive functioning skills in our students. These skills are a set of mental processes that work like an air traffic control system in the child’s brain, enabling them to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and more. This “brain traffic control” is foundational to learning and is built in our classrooms through daily activities.


Building Brains Framework

With learner-centred and inquiry-based approaches, the foundation of brain development and Executive Function is the basis for all of our early childhood learning and care programs.

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Airport Campus

Located near the airport in the North Industrial Area of Saskatoon


Junior Preschool Campus: Unit #7

Preschool Campus: Unit #3

2317 Hanselmann Place, Saskatoon SK S7L 6A9

Phone: (306) 952 – 2796